In his career as a mediator and a District Court Judge Tony has completed more than 1250 mediations and judicial settlement conferences.

• In his role as a private mediator Tony has completed over 1150 mediations.

• Tony’s success rate as a private mediator is in excess of 97%. His settlement conference success rate as a Judge was in excess of 95%.

• Tony has been a qualified mediator for over 20 years.

• Prior to his appointment to the District Court, Tony was recognised as a leading family law mediator in New Zealand by his peers in the legal profession and the media.

• His mediations involved a wide range of disputes, including all aspects of family law and trusts, wills and estates, and many significant civil and commercial disputes.

• Many of these were multi-party mediations.

• In New Zealand, Tony is the only full-time barrister mediator appointed a Judge.

• In his role as a Judge, Tony was the National Resource Judge for Family and Civil Settlement Conferences and convened over 170 judicial settlement conferences in both the Family and Civil jurisdictions, before electing to return to private mediation.