In his role as a mediator and settlement conference judge, Tony has mediated a very extensive range of disputes. These include:



• Relationship property and trust matters.

• Family protection (Wills and Estates).

• Pre-marriage property settlements.

• Pre-death inheritance agreements.

• Child care and parenting issues (including MVCOT matters).

• Financial support after separation.

• Protection of aged and disadvantaged persons (PPPR).


Civil and commercial

• Commercial property development.

• Commercial property rental issues.

• Sub-division disputes and issues.

• Company and shareholder disputes.

• Local government disputes (employment and others).

• Building sector disputes (including Christchurch earthquake and weather tight home issues for both commercial and private property).

• General civil disputes.

• Horticultural and farming disputes.

• Franchise disputes

• Health and publishing issues

• Bill of Rights Acts matters

• Sport and Racing disputes


These mediations and conferences have involved a wide range of cultures and ethnicities, including:


• European (including UK, European and North American).

• Maori.

• Pacific Island.

• Indian (including four major religious groups).

• Chinese (including Taiwanese and Singaporean).

• Japanese.

• Korean.

• Spanish (including South American).

• Portuguese.

• Muslim (including S.E. Asian and Middle Eastern).